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5A Systems, Equipment and Components

5A002 "Information security" systems, equipment and components, as follows:

a. Systems equipment and components for cryptographic "information security", as follows,

1. Designed or modified to use "cryptography" employing digital techniques performing any cryptographic function other than authentication, digital signature or the execution of copy-protected "software", and having any of the following:

a. A "symmetric algorithm" employing a key length in excess of 56 bits; or

b. An "asymmetric algorithm" where the security of the algorithm is based on any of the following:

1. Factorisation of integers in excess of 512 bits (e.g., RSA);

2. Computation of discrete logarithms in a multiplicative group of a finite field of size greater than 512 bits (e.g., Diffie-Hellman over Z/pZ); or

3. Discrete logarithms in a group other than mentioned in 5A002.a.1.b.2. in excess of 112 bits (e.g., Diffie-Hellman over an elliptic curve);

b. Designed or modified to enable, by means of "cryptographic activation" an item to achieve or exceed the controlled performance levels for functionality specified in 5A002.a. that would not otherwise be enabled.

c. Designed or modified to use or perform "quantum cryptography";

d. Designed or modified to use cryptographic techniques to generate channelising codes, scrambling codes or network identification codes, for systems using ultra-wideband modulation techniques and having any of the following:

e. Designed or modified to use cryptographic techniques to generate the spreading code for "spread spectrum" systems, other than those specified in 5A002.d., including the hopping code for "frequency hopping" systems.

5A003 Systems, equipment and components, for non-cryptographic "information security", as follows:

a. Communications cable systems designed or modified using mechanical, electrical or electronic means to detect surreptitious intrusion;

b. Specially designed or modified to reduce the compromising emanations of information-bearing signals beyond what is necessary for health, safety or electromagnetic interference standards;

5A004 Systems, equipment and components for defeating, weakening or bypassing "information security", as follows:

a. Designed or modified to perform 'cryptanalytic functions';

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