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4E Technology


4E Technology


a. "Technology" according to the General Technology Note, for the "development", "production" or "use" of equipment or "software" specified in 4A or 4D.

b. "Technology", other than that specified in 4E001.a., specially designed or modified for the "development" or "production" of equipment as follows:

1. "Digital computers" having an "Adjusted Peak Performance" ("APP") exceeding 6,0 Weighted TeraFLOPS (WT);

2. "Electronic assemblies" specially designed or modified for enhancing performance by aggregation of processors so that the "APP" of the aggregation exceeds the limit in 4E001.b.1.

c. "Technology" for the "development" of "intrusion software".

Note 1:

Computers, related equipment and "software" performing telecommunications or "local area network" functions must also be evaluated against the performance characteristics of Category 5, Part 1 (Telecommunications).

Note 2:

Control units which directly interconnect the buses or channels of central processing units, "main storage" or disk controllers are not regarded as telecommunications equipment described in Category 5, Part 1 (Telecommunications).


For the control status of "software" specially designed for packet switching, see 5D001.

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