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3C Materials


3C Materials

3C001 Hetero-epitaxial materials consisting of a "substrate" having stacked epitaxially grown multiple layers of any of the following:

a. Silicon (Si);

b. Germanium (Ge);

c. Silicon carbide (SiC); or

d. "III/V compounds" of gallium or indium.

3C002 Resist materials as follows and "substrates" coated with the following resists:

a. Resists designed for semiconductor lithography as follows:

1. Positive resists adjusted (optimised) for use at wavelengths less than 245 nm but equal to or greater than 15 nm;

2. Resists adjusted (optimised) for use at wavelengths less than 15 nm but greater than 1 nm;

b. All resists designed for use with electron beams or ion beams, with a sensitivity of 0,01 µcoulomb/mm² or better;

c. Not used;

d. All resists optimised for surface imaging technologies;

e. All resists designed or optimised for use with imprint lithography equipment specified in 3B001.f.2. that use either a thermal or photo-curable process.

3C003 Organo-inorganic compounds as follows:

a. Organo-metallic compounds of aluminium, gallium or indium, having a purity (metal basis) better than 99,999%;

b. Organo-arsenic, organo-antimony and organo-phosphorus compounds, having a purity (inorganic element basis) better than 99,999%.

3C004 Hydrides of phosphorus, arsenic or antimony, having a purity better than 99,999%, even diluted in inert gases or hydrogen.

3C005 Silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), aluminium nitride (AlN) or aluminium gallium nitride (AlGaN) semiconductor "substrates", or ingots, boules, or other preforms of those materials, having resistivities greater than 10 000 ohm-cm at 20ºC.

3C006 "Substrates" specified in 3C005 with at least one epitaxial layer of silicon carbide, gallium nitride, aluminium nitride or aluminium gallium nitride.

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