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An acronym or abbreviation, when used as a defined term, will be found in 'Definitions of Terms used in this Annex'.


ABEC - Annular Bearing Engineers Committee

AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers' Association

AHRS - attitude and heading reference systems

AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute

ALU - arithmetic logic unit

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ASTM - the American Society for Testing and Materials

ATC - air traffic control

AVLIS - atomic vapour laser isotope separation

CAD - computer-aided-design

CAS - Chemical Abstracts Service

CDU - control and display unit

CEP - circular error probable

CNTD - controlled nucleation thermal deposition

CPU - Central processing unit

CVD - chemical vapour deposition

CW - chemical warfare

CW (for lasers) - continuous wave

DME - distance measuring equipment

DS - directionally solidified

EB-PVD - electron beam physical vapour deposition

EBU - European Broadcasting Union

ECM - electro-chemical machining

ECR - electron cyclotron resonance

EDM - electrical discharge machines

EEPROMS - electrically erasable programmable read only memory

EIA - Electronic Industries Association

EMC - electromagnetic compatibility

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

FFT - Fast Fourier Transform

GLONASS - global navigation satellite system

GPS - global positioning system

HBT - hetero-bipolar transistors

HDDR - high density digital recording

HEMT - high electron mobility transistors

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organisation

IEC - International Electro-technical Commission

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IFOV - instantaneous-field-of-view

ILS - instrument landing system

IRIG - inter-range instrumentation group

ISA - international standard atmosphere

ISAR - inverse synthetic aperture radar

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ITU - International Telecommunication Union

JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard

JT - Joule-Thomson

LIDAR - light detection and ranging

LRU - line replaceable unit

MAC - message authentication code

Mach - ratio of speed of an object to speed of sound (after Ernst Mach)

MLIS - molecular laser isotopic separation

MLS - microwave landing systems

MOCVD - metal organic chemical vapour deposition

MRI - magnetic resonance imaging

MTBF - mean-time-between-failures

Mtops - million theoretical operations per second

MTTF - mean-time-to-failure

NBC - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical

NDT - non-destructive test

PAR - precision approach radar

PIN - personal identification number

ppm - parts per million

PSD - power spectral density

QAM - quadrature-amplitude-modulation

RF - radio frequency

SACMA - Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Association

SAR - synthetic aperture radar

SC - single crystal

SLAR - sidelooking airborne radar

SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SRA - shop replaceable assembly

SRAM - static random access memory

SRM - SACMA Recommended Methods

SSB - single sideband

SSR - secondary surveillance radar

TCSEC - trusted computer system evaluation criteria

TIR - total indicated reading

UV - Ultraviolet

UTS - ultimate tensile strength

VOR - very high frequency omni-directional range

YAG - yttrium/aluminium garnet

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